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We help law firms buildinnovative legal products

We advise on digitization and help implement new digital legal products with open source solutions.

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We help law firms digitize legal processes and services using existing open source solutions. Sick of trying of the shelf solutions that do not fit you're needs, we got you covered.

Document Automation

Automate repetitive document creation tasks with Docassemble, the leading free and open source document automation solution.

Data Engineering & Artificial Intelligence

Start taking data driven decisions with automated reporting and use Natural Language Processing in various legal tasks and processes.

Custom SaaS Lösungen

Rededsign and create your own custom web application to tackle non automated repetitive legal tasks across the lifecyle of a mandate.

What Sets Us Apart

Techexpertise in Data & Open Source Solutions

Many law firms and companies buy overpriced software with lock-in effect, which does not fulfill promises and does not solve problems. Consequentally, Employees are not satisfied with the new tools, overwhelmed, and stick to manual processes.

Low Cost Open Source Solutions

Open source solutions offer a cost-effective, faster, and more flexible alternative to many outdated existing software products with bad interfaces in the legal tech space.

Lower Cost

There are no fees for using open source software. Instead, much lower costs for the infrastructure and for the adaptation of a framework have to be paid.

More Flexible

Open source software can be easily customized to the needs and problems of customers. Missing features are further developed by the community or by oneself. There is no fixed commitment or lock-in effect for years.


With a high adoption rate of well-known open source frameworks, not one central company but hundreds of users ensure the highest security standards. In addition, you yourself have full control over data and on which servers data is stored.

Data-Driven Processes

Law firms and enterprises often do not have a data strategy, which leads to isolated data silos. These not only prevent data-driven decision making, but also the automation and linking of processes from multiple systems.

Data Warehousing

We help customers merge data from different systems into one data warehouse. This enables a single source of truth for reporting and easy onward transfer of data to other processes.


With the right reporting, law firms and corporations can use facts and data to make strategic business decisions that align with their goals and initiatives.

Artificial Intelligence

Many AI projects fail because of non-existent or bad data. We help customers to develop a data strategy that strategically and cleanly stores data that can used later on for potential AI projects.
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